Yamaha YBS-62II Professional Eb Baritone Saxophone (Special Order)

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Metronome Music is a proud Yamaha Dealer. This item must be special ordered from Yamaha. Please contact prior to purchase so we can get you an accurate ETA. 

The entire line of Yamaha intermediate and professional level instruments can easily be ordered at Metronome Music. Please feel free to reach out to us with any special requests or questions. We are always happy to help!


The 62 Professional model saxophone line has garnered the admiration and respect of a wide range of saxophonists for over 35 years. Now introducing the YBS-62II, this baritone saxophone keeps the outstanding playability and quality that artists have come to expect while bringing improvements in ergonomics and intonation.

Updated Key Layout

Integrating features available in the YBS-82 Custom Baritone Saxophone, the new key layout brings improved ergonomics so that you can play quicker, more comfortably.

New Bell Design

A shorter bell design enhances basic playability and intonation in all registers, especially centering the notes in the low range of the saxophone.

Integrated key posts

Integrating multiple key posts onto a single plate helps the horn bring a moderate level of resistance while delivering a solid tonal core.

Bore and neck design

A hydro-formed neck and responsive bore design ensure that the large saxophone's response is quick, in-tune, and rich in tone.

Detachable peg (optional)

Help support the weight of the baritone saxophone with an optional detachable peg.

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