Yamaha DTX402K Electronic Drum Kit

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The DTX402 Series is the culmination of the commitment Yamaha makes as a drum manufacturer with excellent design and sound quality. The DTX402 sounds combine years of experience creating authentic, top-quality drum sounds with 10 built-in drum kits. The 10 built-in training functions and free apps make practicing more enjoyable and provides musical training, allowing you to immerse yourself in the limitless excitement of drumming.

Key Features

  • 10 fully customizable preset drum kits with 287 drum and percussion sounds and 128 keyboard sounds
  • 10 Songs for you to play along to with or without the pre-recorded drum track
  • 10 Built-In Training Functions to help improve your timing, groove, speed and feel
  • Silent Beaterless Kick Unit provides a much lower noise and vibration level when being played on, perfect for apartment settings
  • Newly developed pads are quieter and feel more natural thanks to Yamaha's unique floating system
  • Improved Four-Post Rack is compact, lightweight and portable for easy and quick setup and transport, and has a wide height adjustment range to accommodate even small children
  • Ride cymbal pad produces the sound of the cymbal bell when hit strongly
  • DTX402 Touch App allows easy editing of kits and includes challenges and training modes
  • Rec'n'Share App works with your music and makes practicing, recording and sharing even more intuitive
  • Crash Cymbal Choke-able to cut of sustain mimicking a real cymbal.
  • Make beats, produce records, control VST's and track midi drums

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