Yamaha DTX8K-M Electronic Drum Kit- Natural

Sale price$2,799.99 USD


  • Faithfully reproduces real drum sounds and real-room ambience recorded in world-renowned studios
  • AMBIENCE, COMP and EFFECT Kit Modifier knobs allow you to create your own unique sounds
  • REMO 2-ply mesh heads with outstanding noise reduction, durability and great rebound
  • Beautiful wood shells built and finished at Yamaha acoustic drum factories
  • Snare/tom/hi-hat pads equipped with two playing zones; 3-zone cymbal pads
  • Ride cymbal equipped with a hit point detection function
  • Professional Yamaha system hardware used for hardware and racks


The DTX8 Series comes equipped with the DTX-PRO module that possesses the same tone generator as the DTX-PROX module. The birch shells are painted the same way as Yamaha acoustic drums resulting in new pads that are as beautiful as the real thing.

The DTX-PRO features real sounds and real sampled room ambience recorded in world-renowned studios, KIT MODIFIER knobs that inspire creativity and hardware that is sturdy and easy to use. This new standard DTX captures the very essence of the flagship model.


No compromise has been made in recording the sound of the instruments themselves. DTX-PRO sounds have been fine-tuned to naturally follow the drummer’s performance and allow for maximum expression.


The Kit Modifier featured on the DTX-PRO offers drummers limitless possibilities for their creativity.


The mesh pads use two-ply heads made by Remo. They boast outstanding noise reduction, durability, and feel when hit, as well as a great rebound, making them superbly comfortable to play. The heads can be tuned to suit your personal preferences. The snare pad is equipped with three sensors that precisely respond to delicate stick work.



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