Yamaha CSM-1465AII Concert Series Maple Snare Drum- Matte Natural

Sale price$699.00


The CSM Series concert snare drums have been designed using many of the features from the industry’s best concert snare drums. Each drum is constructed of 8-ply maple using our exclusive Yamaha Air-Seal System and feature 3-piece tubular lugs that ensure consistent tuning and maximize shell vibration. By drawing inspiration and incorporating many of the attributes of the ever-popular Grand Symphonic drums, the CSM Concert Series snares are a perfect fit for any performer or ensemble in any performance environment.

  • 14" Diameter with a 6 1/2" Depth
  • 30°/45° Double-Cut Bearing Edge
  • Extra-Deep 3.5 mm Snare Bed
  • 10 - 3-Piece Tube Lugs
  • 2.3 mm Steel DynaHoops
  • Straight Cable Snares
  • DK-15 Drum Key Included



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