Toca Freestyle Rope Tuned 10'' Djembe, Fiesta

Sale price$99.99 USD


Rope tuned with tough synthetic shells. Hand selected goatskin heads. And solid, authentic tones that you can carry over your shoulder. No matter what your playing style, Freestyle is the djembe to beat.


    • Lightweight and durable seamless synthetic shell

    • Ideal for drum circles, facilitators, teachers and all levels of players

    • Excellent bass tones and highs

    • Low stretch Alpine rope with braided cores produces a rich bass tone (especially in the 10" and 12"" sizes), with sharp, piercing rim tones and ensures stable tuning

    • Hand selected goatskin head for authentic look & sound

    • Protective rubber/non-slip bottom

    • Fiesta finish - 10"" head 20"" tall

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