LsL Instruments OG OD

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The OG-OD is an incredibly versatile overdrive pedal with it’s own spin on the Original OD that started it all. Hence the name “OG-OD”. True to the earliest versions with an intuitive bass switch that offers 3stages of bass boost that are quite unique. The OG-OD is meant to push your amp into natural overdrive that is transparent enough to enhance the sound of your guitar without changing it’s natural tonal characteristics. Using an RC4558p IC chip you get a warm response in every setting. Smooth and creamy gain for light rock and prog rock, gritty and dirty for blues or indie, or solid gain for hard rock. Depending on how you set it you will find something to love about the LSL Instruments OG-OD.LSL Instruments is a boutique guitar builder first and foremost. We are very glad to offer these pedals to the thousands of LSL owners worldwide, and hope to gain new family and friends of the company via the addition of stomp boxes to our product offerings. Many of our fans already own a custom guitar of their choosing, but our hope is to bring you into the family with these high quality, made in the USA effects pedals.


Control Functions

Volume: Increases or Decreases Output Level

Tone: Increases or Decreases Tone From Dark To Sharper

Gain: Regulates From Clear To Saturated

BassSwitch: 3 way Bass Response Options(o is standard)Input Impedance: 500kΩOutput Impedance: 10kΩInput-Output Jack: ¼ inPower Supply: 9V DC Negative Center (Make sure that you buy a regulated adapter)DC Jack: 2.1mmPower Consumption: 5mA (9V)

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