Howard Core Conservatory C32 Advancing-Level Cello Outfit

Sale price$2,490.00 USD


Core Conservatory C32 4/4 Cello Outfit

This Cello outfit included a heavy padded cello cover and a CSB603VC Core Select 600 Series Cello Bow 


Core Conservatory model 32 advancing-level cello, 4/4 size. The Core Conservatory instruments help musicians take their playing to the next level. The carved spruce top imparts a focused yet sweet quality. The luthiers spend more time in carving and shaping the plates for improved acoustic response. Well-aged maple back & sides. Ebony pegs, endpin, Despiau ''C'' level French bridge, composite tailpiece with integrated tuners, and Kaplan strings. Professionally adjusted and ready to play.



Carbon stick with pernambuco covering. Fully lined ebony frog with Parisian eye, and special nickel silver winding.

Please contact us prior to ordering so we can provide you with an accurate ETA. 

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