Howard Core, August F. Kohr KR20V Romanian Intermediate Viola Outfit

Size: 16 1/2"
Sale price$1,079.00 USD


August F. Kohr KR20V Romanian Viola


This complete outfit includes CC399 Oblong Violin Case and Core 1088VA Fiberglass Viola Bow.


August F. Kohr model. A better viola with slightly flamed maple back & fine spruce top; medium satin, orange-golden finish. Even tone throughout. Clean and powerful in the lower registers, brilliant but smooth in upper registers. Ebony Parisian eye pegs and endbutton, Despiau "C" level bridge, Wittner composite tailpiece, ebony Guarneri model chinrest. D'Addario Helicore strings.


Some sizes may require special order. Please contact us prior to ordering so we can provide you with an accurate ETA. 

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