Howard Core, August F. Kohr HC602 Intermediate Violin Outfit

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August F. Kohr HC602 Violin Outfit (4/4 Only)

This complete outfit includes B1002LS-1-BKR case and DO15A Dorfler Pernambuco Violin Bow.

Master violin with choice tonewoods, beautiful medium satin, medium reddish-brown to golden-brown finish. Clear, big sound with fine quality, range and projection. When compared to European instruments selling at much higher prices, the value is evident. Only well-seasoned tonewoods are used. This is the violin that was recommended highly in Strings Magazine. Ebony Parisian eye pegs & endbutton, Despiau "B" level bridge, ebony tailpiece, ebony Guarneri chinrest, Thomastik Dominant A, D, G with Pirastro Gold Label E (loop end). One-piece back.

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