Howard Core Academy A44 Intermediate Bass Outfit

Size: 1/2
Sale price$3,903.00 USD


Core Academy A44 Bass Outfit

This complete advancing-level bass outfit includes CC485 heavily padded cover and CSB104DB-F2 Core Select 100 Series Bass Bow.

Expand your musical horizons with a solid, carved bass. Requiring more care in handling than a laminate, the enhanced tone quality of the A44 model can be well worth it for dedicated students. Solid, carved tonewoods for the top and back plates allow for more freedom of vibration and resonance. Plainer maple is used for economy, but the stable build-quality gives players perennial consistency when cared for with proper humidification and maintenance. Laminated maple sides for extra durability. Equipped with D'Addario Prelude strings. 3/4 and 1/2 sizes available.

Some sizes may need to be special ordered. Please contact us prior to ordering so we can provide you with an accurate ETA. 



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