Horrothia FX Teeth Discrete Low Gain Overdrive (Mint)

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Metronome Music inspects and test all used gear before listing and again before shipping. Photographs are of the product that will ship and accurately represent condition and appearance. 


Mint: This pedal is 100% original and functions as it should. The pedal looks brand new with no signs of use. Includes original factory packaging. 


From Horrothia: 

"Teeth was a necessary evolution.  'Straight into amp' clean was always dull, especially at volumes correct for small stages, or late night recordings.  Overdrives added too much crunch, even at the lowest settings.  Teeth is the solution to the conundrum.  It is a low gain pre-amp / overdrive with a blend between completely clean and slight grit.  Use it as an 'always on' to brighten up old pickups or kick some colour into your signal chain or as a standalone overdrive - up to you.

Teeth has two sides, a very transparent dry side and an 'edge of breakup' wet side.  These are mixed by the Saturation knob, with full left being clean, and full right being almost only overdrive with a hint of clean.  Saturation is also a gain control; as you move to the right, it increases the gain at the same time as changing the blend.  The maximum gain is get by the Gain Stage knob, giving you limitless combinations of clean and drive.

The Clipping control changes the shape of the overdrive clipping, from a soft squashy compression to a more squared-off, harder, traditional low gain drive.

The Breath switch adds an airiness to the upper mid frequencies on the boost side giving out-of-phase pickup selections some chance to breathe and cut through the mix / bar / bedroom / studio.

Teeth is a 9 transistor design, all analogue design, using no IC opamps.  No modelling, nothing digital. There are two completely discrete transistor based opamps inside (using hand selected components) for supreme tonal clarity."

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