Fender Player Mustang 90, Rosewood Fingerboard- Olympic White (B-Stock)

Sale price$449.00


This guitar has been opened and photographed. We will inspect it again prior to shipping to make sure it is 100% ready to play as soon as you receive it.

Please feel free to reach out to us with any special requests or questions. We are always happy to help!

Condition: This is a new, B-stock guitar from Fender. There are signs this was opened and been repackaged. In general, B-stock items may have been opened and then returned to the seller, may be a brand new item with a cosmetic flaw. B-Stock items are guaranteed to function as they should, and even come with a manufacturer's warranty.

Perfect for garage rock and other styles that thrive on nonconformity, the Mustang 90 offers a distinctive take on a classic model. With upgraded features, unique aesthetics and fat Fender sound, this spirited instrument is perfect for players that march to a different beat. A new take on an underground classic, it stays true to the rebellious spirit that birthed rock 'n' roll.

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