AKG Wireless Microphone System WMS420- Headworn Set

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OVERVIEW The AKG WMS420 UHF Wireless Headworn Microphone System is designed for live sound reinforcement applications such as for public address, presentations, installations, and performances that require up to eight simultaneously operating systems over a 30 MHz bandwidth. This system consists of a PT420 Beltpack Wireless Microphone Transmitter, an SR420 UHF Stationary Wireless Receiver, two detachable RF antennas, an AC adapter for the receiver, a AA-size battery for the transmitter, and a C555 L headworn microphone.

General Specifications

Carrier frequency range: 530.025 – 931.850 MHz
Modulation: FM (Frequency Modulation)
Total harmonic distortion at 1 kHz: typ. 0.8%
Signal to Noise Ratio: Typ. 105 dB(A)

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