Renting an instrument for school band or orchestra is easy, affordable and risk free! Fill out a rental agreement online or in-store and once your application is approved and your first month’s rent is paid we will make your instrument available for pick up in-store or deliver it for free to your students school.


If renting isn’t for you check out our Buy-Back program below! Get the best deal on your instrument by buying instead of renting.
All rental agreements are "Rent-to-Own". You have the option to return the instrument and stop payments at anytime. All of your monthly rental payments will be applied to the full retail cost of the instrument. Once the full retail cost of the instrument has been met in rental payments you will own your instrument. 



To rent an instrument today you will have to pay your first month’s rent, plus 7% tax. All rates shown are before 7% tax. Your monthly rent will be billed automatically every month and all rent payments will be put in escrow and can be used toward the full retail cost of a like condition or step-up instrument at anytime.
Brand New: All brand new band instruments in Metronome Music’s Student Rental Program will be Yamaha Advantage Series or John Packer Instruments. Both instruments are designed with new musicians in mind and include a premium hard shell case.
Rental Return: Rental Return instruments are new Yamaha Advantage Series Instruments that were rented for a short time and then returned to us in like new condition, usually because a student quit or changed instruments. Rental Return Instruments have a new factory warranty but are rented at a discounted rate.
Used: Every year we look for the best used band instruments we can find and after being professionally serviced and sanitized they are made available for rent. We ensure that all used instruments are of the highest quality and will meet your director’s standards.
1.) Method Books: No matter which method book you school’s band director requires, we have you covered.  
2.) Music Stand: Band Directors recommend that you have a music stand at home. We feel it is so important that if you purchase a music stand with your rental and the students quits, we will refund the total price of the stand.
3.) Care Accessories: Valve oil, reeds, sticks or mallets? Each instrument has it’s own necessary accessories and unique care needs to keep it playing great. 
4.) Maintenance Program: It doesn’t matter if your instrument needs repaired after an accidental drop, or just needs regular maintenance after a long year of practicing. With Metronome Music’s Maintenance Program you’re covered! 
Metronome Music works closely with your school’s band director determine which additional items your student will need to participate in band. Once you begin a new rental, select your student’s school and instrument, all of the method books and  accessories that your director requires or recommends will be there for you to select.