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Rent-To-Own School Band & Orchestra Instruments


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Your child just came home from school and told you he or she wants to play in the school band, now what? We know what you might be thinking, will they stick with it, do i need to buy an instrument, what should i look for in an instrument, how much will this cost me?  We've designed what we think is the easiest, most flexible instrument rental program available anywhere.

  • We only sell/rent high-quality, name brand instruments that are approved by your band director!
  • All of the rent applies to purchase!
  • No out-of-town billing department to deal with... Mansfield is our only location!
  • We have an in-house repair department.  No waiting on your instrument to be shipped off when something needs adjusted!
  • Convenient automatic payment is available - no more late fees!
  • Generous discounts provide incentive to purchase rather than rent.
  • Ask about purchase with return option plan - NO ONE OFFERS A BETTER PLAN!
  • $35 deposit for new and used instrument rentals or keep a credit card on file for NO DEPOSIT!
  • Maintenance Fee guarantees you will not pay for any repair or replacement of your rental instrument, except from  malicious damage.
  • String (Orchestra) Rental Program Same plan as the band instrument plan except with a violin, viola, or cello, you may exchange the instrument you are renting for a larger one as your child grows.  
  • 100% of the rent paid will apply to the purchase of the full size violin, viola, or cello.


Rent to Own your instrument 
We furnish new, rental return, and used instruments.  A rental return is simply a new instrument that was rented for a few months, but is in like new condition with a full warranty and offered at a discount.  Instruments available for rent include Flutes, Clarinets, Alto Saxophones, Trumpets, Trombones, Percussion Kits, Violins, Violas, & Cellos.  New band instruments with the exception on saxophones rent for $29.50 per month plus tax, saxophones are $39.50.  New violins, violas, & cellos rent for $22.50, $26.50, & $36.50 respectively.  Rental Return instruments rent for $26.50 per month and $36.50 (saxes).  Used instruments start at $18.50 per month and vary depending on age and condition 

If you choose the Auto Pay option, all you pay to get started is the first month's rent.  If you're using cash or check, we require a $35 deposit in addition to the first month's rent.  The deposit will be refunded to you if the instrument is returned at any point and there is no damage to the instrument or delinquent payments.  You may also choose to apply the deposit toward purchasing the instrument.

Purchase with Return Option
This is the best option for you in the long run.  You may purchase a new or rental return instrument at a 30% discount! The best part is that we allow you to return the instrument after 6 months should your child decide that the band is not for him/her.  We will refund what you paid for the instrument less the applicable rental fees for the length of time you owned the instrument.  You must play the instrument for at least 6 months before returning.  This way you get the best discount and the security of knowing you're not stuck with an instrument should your child not stay with it.

Band Director approved instruments
Not all band instruments are created equal.  Some of the low priced instruments you might see on the internet today are made with cheaper metals and are not built to even play in tune as they should.  Key's get bent from time to time on every instrument and need to be adjusted to play properly.  The problem with most of these low priced instruments is that when they are adjusted, the keys break rather than bending back to their proper position.  At Metronome Music, all of our rental instruments are approved by your band director and are serviceable.  We carry new instruments by Yamaha and Howard Core.  We also rent used instruments by Yamaha, Bach, Selmer, Bundy, Gemeinhardt, and other leading American-built brands.

On location service for you're instrument
Metronome Music offers service for your instrument right here at our store. Most instruments can be repaired in a day or two.  Our highly qualified technicians can give you an accurate estimate.Be sure to ask for information regarding our exclusive Maintenance Service Agreement. 



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