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Ron McDonald


Music is the true fountain of youth.  As long as I am active in music in some capacity I will always feel young.  I love to play, write, record, and teach music.   The benefits never stop!

Born in Dayton, Ohio, I started guitar at age 15.  By age 17, I was playing lead guitar in a band in Dayton.  Memorizing, figuring parts out by ear, and just playing have always been as easy as breathing for me.  My music career really took off in 1987 when I moved to Mansfield.  Except for a short break in the 90's I have been in bands the entire time.  Maybe you've heard of some those bands: The Hurt; Lunch; Echodrone; Fate and Desperation; Almost Human; Josie's Well; Iron Vengeance; Mad Gathering; Blacksphere; and my current project, King Darwin. 

As a teacher, my main goal is getting you playing at a level that is rewarding to you as soon as possible, to help you through the sore fingers and all!  

Call us at 419-526-3838 for Ron's current openings

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