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Metronome Music has been offering instruction for over 52 years with thousands of success stories. Our students include individuals that have never touched an instrument, to the person who played years ago, but would like to improve. Each student is taught the music that they would like to learn in ways which make music more enjoyable and entertaining.  Lessons are one on one with a qualified and experienced teacher. You’ll learn how to play the instrument you’re interested in, along with the theory and technique that makes playing more understandable and fun.


Welcome to Metronome Music’s Education Center


*Tuition:  The weekly tuition is $20.00 for half hour lessons, payable by the month.

*Registration Fee: A non-refundable $15 registration fee is charged when signing up for lessons.

*Payment: Tuition is paid on the 26th of the preceding month by automatic withdrawal from your credit or debit card.  Lessons are given on a month to month basis, and may be cancelled at any time. To avoid a credit card withdrawal, you may pay for the next month’s tuition before the 25th of each month.

*Pair Lessons: Pair lessons are intended for students of the same ability to learn together.  It is offered to students enrolled in the Education Center.  A newly enrolled student must take at least 4 weeks of single lessons at the regular fee before being accepted into the pair lessons.  This allows the teacher to evaluate the ability of the student so that the teacher can match the students better.  If the other student quits, the remaining student will continue to pay the discounted rate unles the teacher cannot find another suitable student within four weeks.  At this point, the lesson fee will return to the standard rate.

*Refunds: There is no refund for lessons paid.

*Absence Policy: Tuition is paid to reserve a guaranteed space and teacher for a specific time each week. Each month’s tuition must be paid regardless of the attendance of the student.

*Store Closure: Metronome Music, Inc. is closed on New Years, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Memorial Day, 4th Of July, and Labor day.  Lesson fees will be adjusted for those days.

*Teacher Absence: If your teacher is unable to teach a lesson, the lesson fee will be adjusted the following month.

*Contact: If you need to contact an instructor or cancel a lesson, please call the Education Center at 419-526-3838 and ask for the Education Director.



We ask that students of the Education Center do the following:

*Arrive at the lessons a few minutes early. Students who arrive late do not receive the benefits of a full lesson.


*Enjoy making music.  Keep positive and practice at least 5 times per week.  We want you to have fun with your lessons.


PARENT RESPONSIBILITIES (If lessons are for a child):

   The parent’s attitude and involvement is vital to a child’s success in music.  It is important that your student practice, without interruption, and attend their lessons on a regular basis.  Good habits encourage success and well-placed praise helps them continue. 

   Children learn valuable lessons in perseverance, self-discipline and time management.  If your child encounters difficulties in learning or practicing, please let your instructor know.  Communication is very important, and the instructors want to help their students and parents.

   Encourage your child to participate in musical activities at school.  This is a wonderful opportunity to sharpen their musical skills and learn to work and interact with others.  But by all means, give your child frequent and sincere praise.


Meet our instructors

Electric & Acoustic Guitar:
Toby Loy
Raina Rengert
Bill Thompson
Ron McDonald
Milo Sgambellone

Bass Guitar:
Toby Loy
Bill Thompson
Ron McDonald
Milo Sgambellone

Toby Loy
Milo Sgambellone
Stephen Vnasdale

Toby Loy
AJ Beck

Milo Sgambellone

Toby Loy

Milo Sgambellone

Piano & Keyboard:
Stephen Vnasdale - Group piano Classes and individual lessons

School Band Instruments:

Leroy Kiner (Trumpet, Flute, Trombone, Saxophone, Percussion, Clarinet) 



Q. How old should my child be to start? 

A. Most children should be able to read at a 2nd grade level. 


Q. How often should my child practice?

A. Instead of a period of time, try several repetitions of each exercise. Set the same time everyday to practice so it becomes part of  a routine or habit. It’s often very helpful to have some popular music to play in addition to the regular lesson music. We can help with suggestions.


Q. Can I rent an Instrument?

A. Yes, with approved credit. Ask anyone at the counter for more information.


Q. How long do I have to commit for lessons?

A. A minimum of 2 lessons is required.


Q. What can I do to motivate my child?

A. Participate! Listen while your child is practicing and praise their progress. Show that you care. Do notcriticize, threaten or compare another child’s progress as an example, unless it’s a positive one.


Remember! Learning to play a musical instrument should be a fun and happy experience. When a child chooses an instrument, he/she often is just guessing. If your child starts to lose interest, it can be because the instrument is not best for your child or sometimes it can be some other factor.Let us talk to you if you feel that your child is losing interest.

Thank you for your interest in musical learning aids! Metronome Music offers a wide array of products to enhance any music student's learning experience! From method books to song books to instructional videos and posters, we've got something for everyone!



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